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Wheel Pro is mainly focused on off-site repairs, because most of our cases are very hard to fix it on-site, and we always are trying to get the best out of the work performed, so that your Alloy will like brand new.

We're the only company that makes all the effort in their work to create as close to manufacuring specs of your rim as possible. Very soon, all scratches and small curb damages will be able to be done on-site, in minutes per rim, but if the technician will recommend to do it in our shop, he'll only do it for your own good. This way You as our Customer, can feel confortable and worrie free with Wheel Pro, and you can always depend on our knowledge.


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Our Services have:


The best quality service.


The fastest turnaround.


The cheapest price.

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Wheel Straightening 


It's a type of process in which the wheel will

be forced under high temperature to be able

to get back to previous shape. This method

or any other will not make your rim to be as

good as a new one, but will still have very

close to manufacturers properties to withstand

your ride :)




This process for small straightenings can be

done on-site.

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Cracked Wheels 


This process will be done only in our facility,

due to a special type of bonging 2 cracked

pieces of your rim. It will not make your rim 

to be as good as a new one, but will still have

very close to manufacturers properties an a 

shiny look to impress wife, friends or even a

new girlfriend :)




This can only be done in our facility.

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Bent Wheels 


Depending on type of bent, some can be

done the same way as the Straightening

process, but also can be done in old fashion 

way style (heat it and hammer it !). Obviously

this way was done back in the days, where

now there're special machines (CNC) to 

provide the best precission of this process.

After completion, it look like new :)




This can only be done in our facility.

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Curb Damaged Wheels     


Based on the complexity and intensity of

the damage,  Wheel Pro will use the best

type of process based on several conditions.

Those type of repairs will be based on our

skilled Technician to decide whether he'll be

able to repair it on-site or in our professionally

equiped facility.

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